Pignello Pignoletto Frizzante White Wine



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The Pignoletto grape is considered the “king of the Colli Bolognese wine zone”, but few have heard of it outside of the Emilia region of northern central Italy. Our buyer, Leo, had to use his persuasive prowess to secure cases of this hidden gem from winemaker Daniele Artioli. And it’s proved to be a huge hit with our customers. It’s an easy to drink, dry frizzante, made using mainly Pignoletto (named after ‘pigna’ – the Italian for ‘cone’ – due to the shape of its bunches). Its lively green apple notes are enhanced by citrusy Trebbiano and Muscat, which lends a grapey aroma. A gentle fizz makes it a delightful apéritif, perfect for leisurely sipping in the garden on a sunny afternoon. Serve chilled and pair with salad or seafood.

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