Luigi e Lucina Pinot Grigio White Wine



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Our good friend, the winemaker Alessandro Gallici, was the one who insisted our Buyer Leo dropped by to see the Anselmi family in 2019. They have a winery in Friuli, NE Italy, an area renowned for its crisp, aromatic whites. The family have been making wines there since 1928 and now have extensive vineyards, running almost to the shore, naturally cooled by breezes from the Adriatic. The clay soils are ideal for the many native varieties – Refosco, Friulano, Verduzza, Pignolo, Ribolla Gialla and, of course, Pinot Grigio, as well as international stars Cabernet and Merlot. Above all, their wines are terrific value. Named after the original names of Romeo and Juliet, Luigi e Lucina is a refreshing white. Ideal solo or with light dishes.

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