Lime Leaf Verdejo White Wine



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You may not be familiar with Verdejo, but the name Lime Leaf conjures up a flavour impression that exactly matches the wine. Verdejo is one of Spain’s most successful white varieties, with the fashionable Rueda region setting the benchmark. However, every vintage, our friend the virtuoso winemaker Javier Murúa uses his impressive contacts to locate small parcels of Verdejo in the cooler parts of central Spain to create this exclusive cuvée. In 2022 the high plains of La Mancha and areas close by provided just what he was looking for. We love Lime Leaf’s pure, limy flavours at a quality that belies its humble ‘table wine’ classification and always at an enticingly low price. Enjoy as a refreshing apéritif, or with seafood, paella or salads.

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