Il Papavero Pinot Grigio (1L Wine Box) White Wine



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Pinot Grigio has staged something of a coup in fridge doors in recent years. And it’s going to feel even more at home in its ultra-sustainable tetra pak. It certainly a break from the traditional bottle, but with its lower carbon footprint, it’s one we should embrace. And the wine inside is just as fruity and fresh. It is, of course, from Il Papavero maestro Scipione Giuliani, who searches throughout Italy to find the finest parcels of grapes, usually blending them to get the perfect balance in a wine. For this Pinot Grigio, however, he was so taken with the fruit from the high hills of Sicily, with its idyllic sunshine and sea breezes, there was no need to look elsewhere. Il Papavero is pure delight on its own and with lighter dishes.

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