Case of Cottanera Etna Rosato DOC 2701 (6 x 75cl bottles)


Etna Rosato DOC x 6 75cl ABV 13.5 Grape(s): 100% Nerello Mascarese Area: From vineyards in Contrada Diciasettesalme, just north of the volcano with a mix of volcanic and alluvial soils. Etna Rosato is the latest addition produced by Cottanera. The new Nerello Mascalese is distinguished by its floral notes and hints of ripe fruit, and aromatic herbs. A rich wine, with a full bodied flavour which represents within itself the characteristics of the volcanic soil.



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General Information
Allergen Information:  Contains Sulphites
Units: 6 Bottles
Country of origin: Italy
Location: Produced In Italy
Alcohol Content: 13.5% Vol
Brand: Cottanera
Type: Rose
Vintage: NV
Dominant Varietal: Nerello Capuccio
Liquid Volume: 750 ml
Producer: Cottanera
Number Of Items: 6 bottles
Region: Produced In Sicily


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