Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc (187ml) White Wine



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For quality and value, Abbesse Sauvignon Blanc is hard to beat and an all-time customer favourite. It’s from our friends, the Bougrier family, with whom we’ve worked for the last 20 years. Every year, they search out the best parcels of grapes from Touraine, the Pays Nantais (home to Muscadet) and other regions where the grape shines to get the perfect balance of bright fruit and elegant, citrus zip. They’ve named the wine in honour of the original Abbesse of the famous Abbaye de Fontevraud nearby, Louise de Bourbon, a major figure in Loire history. This delicious expression of the region’s reigning grape is a fitting tribute to her. Ideal chilled as a glass on its own, it’s also a classic with goat’s cheese and all sorts of seafood.

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