World Pinot Grigio Mix White Wine

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Demand for crisp Pinot Grigio is high year-round, but it really rockets in the Spring. It’s super fresh, with flavours that were just made for sunshine sipping. So, we’ve packed this mix with favourites our customers simply can’t get enough of. Leading the mix is East by North East (normally £19.99), a wine that’s been named among Wine Spectator’s World Top 100 wines, from a cellar that’s also in their Top 100 list. Then you’ve three other Italian stars … Alessandro Gallici’s mountain fresh gem from the Alpine north, Sicily’s pear-scented Il Papavero and sun-ripe Farinelli from the Abruzzo coast. There’s Campanula, our No.1 bestselling Pinot Grigio and thrilling new Moldovan release, Acasã. All yours for JUST £8.34 a bottle.

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