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We first met Dino when he began restoring his grandfather’s earthquake-struck vineyard, high in the Sicilian hills. You loved the wine it made – Tenuta Fenice. Not one to sit back, he’s started another ambitious new project called w/o – wine made without compromise. He first made a Frappato red, then a crisp rosato and now this rare white. It’s made from Lucido (the best clone of the Catarratto grape), all grown organically thanks to Sicily’s warm, dry climate and Dino’s diligence. It’s bottled in 100% recycled glass too, known as ‘wild’ glass, a UK first. You may notice a little variation in colour, perhaps a few tiny bubbles. All part of the charm, as is the wine’s herbal-scented peach fruit. Chill and sip with seafood and lighter dishes.

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