Von Buhl Jesuitengarten Grosses Gewächs Organic White Wine



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Founded in 1849 by Franz Peter Buhl, the Von Buhl estate has an illustrious history. Their wines were some of the finest in the 19th century. Indeed, German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck chose Von Buhl Riesling to toast the 1869 opening of the Suez Canal. Franz’s son, Armand, took over and was reputed to be one of most recognised viticultural authorities of his time. He married well, bringing some very fine vineyards, in Forst, Wachenheim, Ruppertsberg and Königsbach, into the family estate. Today the wines are still fermented in the original cellar, brought thoroughly up to date in 1989. Jesuitengarten shares many similarities with its two Grand Cru neighbours, Kirchenstück and Pechstein to produce this fine, mineral-driven, crisp Riesling.

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