Unsi Terrazas Blanco White Wine



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Tucked away in the mountainous north of Navarra, you’ll find tiny plots of old vines that have been passed down for generations. But times are changing. These steeply terraced vineyards have to be worked by hand and yields are extremely low. Hard work and expensive to maintain, many are simply abandonned. Fortunately, winemaker Gonzalo Celayeta has stepped in to help. He’s rescued a collection of these once forgotten vineyards and restored them to their former glory. Unsi Blanco is made from 100% Garnacha Blanca, aged for six months in French oak barrels. You’ll taste the creamy spice as well as the wild herbs that surround the vineyard in this fine, minerally fresh white. Cook up a rich paella or garlic-roasted chicken. It’ll work a treat.

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