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Tasting Notes The Túath is Ireland in a glass. The Túath Glass was created specifically for the enjoyment of Irish whiskey and its modern feel reflects the renaissance underway in this burgeoning category. This Tasting Duo Pack contains one clear glass for everyday enjoyment and one black glass which is perfect for blind tastings as it removes the visual cues that can cause a biased judgement. Túath (pronounced ‘tu-ah’) is the old Irish word for people tribe or nation which seems a rather fitting name considering the ever-growing family of Irish whiskey lovers. Larger taller and wider than most conventional whiskey glasses the large chamber of the Túath Glass provides ample capacity allows for swirling and aroma development allowing the generosity of Irish spirit to shine. The flared rim softens high alcohol preventing the fruit and ester aromas from being overpowered by the punch of ethanol. The pyramid-like angles of the stem make for a comfortable hold with the thumb and forefinger on the top and the middle finger beneath. The stem’s shape was inspired by an iconic Irish landmark the twin-pinnacled crag of Skellig Michael. Not only is it beautiful but it feels secure and allows for careful inspection of the liquid within without having to worry about fingers or fingerprints getting in the way. And then we come to sipping. This unique shape means you don’t need to tip your head back so far so you can keep your eye firmly on the craic while drinking. It also delivers the liquid right into the sweet spot for retronasal olfaction (a fancy name for smelling through the back of the nose – a huge part of how we perceive flavour) but then dissipates it evenly around the mouth so that you can enjoy the full flavour. Now all you have to do is choose the Irish whiskey to pair it with. Maybe Redbreast Waterford Method and Madness Writer’ Tears or a mystery one in your blind tasting glass?

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