The Matsui Sakura Cask Malt Whisky



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‘The Matsui – Sakura Cask’ Single Malt is distilled by the Kurayoshi distillery, Kurayoshi city – Tottori prefecture. Double distilled in pot stills then aged in Sakura oak casks., the famous and iconic Japanese cherrytree. This tree holds an important place in Japanese culture. Often used as a metaphor on ephemerality of beauty and life. It always has been a source of inspiration for Japanese artists. Ageing takes place in the Tottori prefecture in a natural environment very favorable to a good aging. It is then diluted down with high quality natural spring water from Mont Daisen. This masterpiece is made with heart and passion by the Matsui team! Artwork – Kikukawa Eizan “Beauty in the Cherry blossom Garden”. Ukiyo-e artist Kikukawa Eizan and one of his many portrait of a woman strolling in a Sakura field that was chosen to represent the delicate Single Malt ‘The Matsui – Sakura’. Kurayoshi distillery (Japan) / Single Malt / Sakura cask Tasting Note: COLOUR: Golden straw NOSE: Rich, full and sweet with cherry blossom flavors PALATE: Intense and light at the same time, malty, cherry blossom flavors FINISH: Very foral Awards: San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SWSC) 2019 : Bronze Medal Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC) 2019 : 90/Excellent, Highly Recommended International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2019 : Bronze Medal at the Tasting Awards in the category World Whisky Single Malt Whisky World Whiskies Awards 2019 : Category “Brand Design” – Silver

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