The Glenlivet Cipher Single Malt Scotch Whisky – no box!



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The first distillery to take out a license after the Excise Act of 1823, the distillery was a favourite of King George the IV who demanded nothing but during a visit to Edinburgh in 1821 – three years before it was legal! Glenlivet has given it’s name to the ‘longest valley in Scotland’, so called after several distilleries laid claim to the Glenlivet suffix to cash in on the distillery’s sterling reputation but only one can call itself The Glenlivet. Back in 2013 The Glenlivet released a whisky called Alpha with no tasting notes, no cask details and an opaque black bottle. ‘Twas quite good fun as everybody tried to guess the production technique used, before the eventual reveal (on that occasion they’d used casks conditioned with Scotch as opposed to bourbon or Sherry, unique for The Glenlivet). Now it seems we’re being treated to a new mystery, a cipher, in fact! Master Distiller Alan Winchester once again invites us to decipher the secrets of a unique single malt… Nose: Fine vanilla pods, softened apple and pear stew and some deep honey Palate: Medium body, creamy and light with peppery vibes and cardamom and ginger swirled in occasionally Finish: Medium length, fruity and sweet, elegant feel Last few left in stock with damaged or no box!!

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