Royal Tokaji Dry Furmint Special Reserve White Wine



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Tokaji is Hungary’s most noble wine, with 400 years of history and royal patronage. Best known are its sweet wines, but most of its star white Furmint grape is made into dry whites. They rank alongside Chablis as one of the defining styles of Europe. Furmint is said to have the aromatic intensity of Viognier and the stony freshness of Chenin. This superb wine comes from the Royal Tokaji Company, the brainchild of the world’s favourite wine writer, Hugh Johnson. “I had to wait for the Iron Curtain to come down before I could start up my dream machine” says Hugh. It was certainly worth the wait, as you’ll taste with this superb 2020. Fermented and aged in new oak, it marries crisp fruit with spice. A lovely choice with creamy chicken dishes.

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