RedHeads Six Mix Red Wine

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Red Heads are known for producing rich, fruit-laden luxuries that “must be tasted to be believed” (Wine Advocate). But how do they do it? Well, they stick it to the ‘big boys’, rescuing tiny parcels of grapes otherwise destined to go into extortionately priced wines. Then back at their Barossa cellar, they use these premium parcels to lovingly craft small-batch wines – each with individuality and character. No two are the same … and you’ll see that in this mix. There’s Double-Gold winner Coco Rôtie (normally £16.99) and you’ve their devilishly dark Shiraz, Wilson Gunn (normally £19.99). There’s also the deliciously ripe and velvety R’dotto Royale and Catbird Seat, a dark cherry, spice-filled beauty. Yours for just £12.99 a bottle.

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