RedHeads Princess of Thieves Sauvignon Blanc White Wine



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This right royal Sauvignon is from Red Heads, a leading eco-friendly winery in Oz. It was started in 2002 in the Mc Laren Vale – a cellar where young winemakers could come in their spare time and make just the sort of small scale wine they dreamed of. Since then, the winery has put down real roots in the Barossa, very nearly 100% off-grid, thanks to its solar panels, and nearly self sufficient on recycled water. There they rescue small parcels of terrific grapes and make showstopping wines. The Princess is one – pure Sauvignon Blanc from a single vineyard in the cool heights of Adelaide Hills. That accounts for its delicious tangy lemon freshness, while fermentation in barrel adds extra richness. Great with chicken or a spicy Thai curry.

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