Mussel Pot Sauvignon Blanc 2.25 litre Wine Box White Wine




You’ll know the wine’s credentials? It’s from John Walsh, who cuts a formidable figure at 7ft tall. But his reputation as a grower of first-class Sauvignon Blanc from top spot Dillons Point is bigger still. That’s why one of the most famous names in New Zealand wine buys most of his grapes every vintage. We can’t say who, but needless to say their wine sells for hefty prices! Big John, however, has agreed to give you a taste of his legendary quality under the exclusive (and excellent value) UK Mussel Pot label. The wine goes beautifully with NZ green-lipped mussels (or local equivalent) but is actually named after John’s favourite restaurant on the Marlborough Sounds. Enjoy this gooseberry, passion fruit, lime-scented white well chilled.

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