Mussel Pot Reserve Sauvignon Blanc White Wine



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At 6 feet 10 inches tall, John Walsh cuts a formidable figure. But his reputation as a grower of first-class Sauvignon is bigger still. That’s why one of the most famous names in New Zealand wine buys most of John’s grapes every vintage. We can’t say who (non-disclosure agreements and all that) but needless to say their wine sells for hefty prices! Big John, however, for the last few years has agreed to give you a taste of his legendary quality under the exclusive (and excellent value) Mussel Pot label. He even put a few parcels of grapes aside, the pick of the vintage, for a special reserve version. You’ll notice a step up in fruit intensity and elegance. Enjoy this grassy, gooseberry and passion fruit white with spicy seafood and noodles.

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