Monkey 47 Barrel Cut Schwarzwald Dry Gin Gift Box 500ml, Germany



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Tasting Notes The ever-popular Monkey 47 Barrel Cut Schwarzwald Dry Gin now comes in a glamorous green and white gift box festooned with some very debonair looking primates. The perfect gift for the gin-loving cheeky monkey in your life maybe? No monkeys were harmed in the making of Barrel Cut Monkey 47. Not even so much as a simian splinter. The name of this cheeky little monkey actually comes from the fact that this gin has been matured for six months in 110 litre lightly toasted mulberry wood casks. The barrels were handmade by a cooperage in Pfalz using rare wood from the Black Forest. These were toasted inside before being filled with the iconic multi-award-winning and peppery Monkey 47. Crafted with 47 handpicked botanicals including tangy lingonberries the gin was a complex beast before the oak ageing now it’s simply off the charts. The nose is wonderfully sweet and sophisticated with notes of juicy raisins Medjool dates agave-roasted figs freeze-dried cherries milk chocolate caramels polished walnut antiques and worn leather. But then the palate is a complete u-turn; bone-dry with dried herbs fiery juniper sawdust and something akin to being pitched headfirst into a spice shop. Almost too good to mix we’d recommend sipping Monkey 47’s Barrel Cut Gin as you might a fine Scotch. However it also makes a wonderfully woody Martini or Sour or a novel twist on an Old Fashioned. Monkey 47 is produced by Black Forest Distillers in memory of a man called Commander Montgomery Collins who lived in Berlin at the end of the Second World War and sponsored an egret monkey called Max at the local zoo. Product Details Country: Germany Alcohol by volume (ABV): 47% Volume: 500ml

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