LC Sauternes (magnum) White Wine



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Our winemaker-buyer, Jean-Marc Sauboua, is a very popular fellow. When a top-drawer Bordeaux estate – that is First Growth, possibly Second – has a parcel they want to clear discreetly, it’s J-M they call. The cuvées are originally destined for the Grand Vin. So, they are from the same vines, tended with the same care, but are those that don’t quite make the final cut. This is one from a First Growth Sauternes property that we can’t name, but it’s the absolute pinnacle of finesse. What’s more, LC was one of the last vats to be excluded in the final ‘taste-through’, so was very nearly included in the Grand Vin. Mostly Sémillon with a dash of Sauvignon, every grape botrytised and fermented slowly in new oak. Gorgeously rich, honeyed and long.

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