Kings County Moonshine



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Moonshine, frequently referred to as whiskey before it is matured in a barrel but also referring to any illegally produced spirit, existing before “white whiskey.” This whiskey is created from organic maize grown in New York State, 80%, and malted barley, 20%. It is double distilled, then diluted to an 80 proof that is easy to consume. This is Kings County’s interpretation of traditional American whiskey, bright with a sweet slap of corn. The Kings County Distillery is one of the most well-known small distilleries in the United States and the top craft distillery in New York City. Kings County, which is solely focused on whiskeys, is known for its Bourbon, Peated Bourbon, Empire Rye, and other innovative whiskeys. They never sell whiskey produced from any other source and exclusively distil it for their own brand.

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