Grazing Sun Sauvignon Blanc White Wine



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Chile’s Elqui Valley has to be seen to be believed. Way up in the Andes Mountains, this rocky landscape gets so much sunshine it’s rumoured even the llamas need sunglasses. But that’s just what makes it a paradise for winemakers. Overlooked by those laid-back llamas, the Sauvignon grapes soak up every ounce of supercharged sunshine. Then at night, that dizzying altitude (some of the highest vineyards in the world) kicks in, cooling the grapes to pure perfection, and locking in that brisk Sauvignon freshness. Rivers of sunny citrus, ripe melon, zingy cut grass and elderflower lift from the glass. For the ultimate refreshment, sip it well chilled wearing shades. This Sauvignon is as full-on as the valley itself – and as cool as the llamas!

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