Glencairn Glassware The Glencairn Whisky Glass Blind Tasting Set



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Tasting Notes Glencairn created what is quite simply THE whisky glass. Now they’ve turned it into a stunning Blind Tasting Set featuring one classic lead-free Glencairn Glass and five matching versions in different colours: black blue green gold and red. It makes for a stunning gift and a beautiful centrepiece to any whisky collection. Visit any great distillery and you will undoubtedly find a tasting room full of Glencairn glasses. First launched in 2001 this iconic receptacle is considered by most to be the perfect drinking vessel for whisky a view firmly upheld by a Queen’s Award for Innovation and an endorsement from the Scotch Whisky Association. Fitting comfortably in the hand the wide crystal bowl allows an impeccable appreciation of the colour the tapered shape focusses the aromatics the shape allows you to swirl easily without spillage and the heavy base provides a reassuring stability. Drink from one of these and it’s not hard to see why this family business sells over three million Glencairn glasses each year. Now which whiskies are you going to use when you take your Blind Tasting Set for a test drive?

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