Gabel Goldberg Organic Riesling White Wine



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If you’re not yet familiar with the crisp, citrus-zipped, fruity flavour of Pfalz’s whites, then you’re missing out! Some of the world’s finest Rieslings (and finest wines) come from this suntrap region of Germany. Wines that are intensely fragrant, fruit-driven, elegant and fresh. All with a rich and rounded feel that makes that second glass look oh-so inviting. Gabel Goldberg 2020 is a great example. Here at the 13th-generation estate Weingut Gabel, Oliver Gabel makes this thoroughly modern Riesling, ageing the wine in 100-year-old, inert wooden casks, just like generations before him. The estate’s deep limestone soils impart a unique mineral character to the wine, which marries with the pure, citrusy fruit. A top choice with sea bass.

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