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Tasting Notes Introducing a new breed of whisky… East London Liquor Company’s London Rye is modern whisky made in the heart of the East End. Not relying on all that hackneyed nonsense about rich traditions passed down through countless generations and it being the favourite of long-dead monarchs this is an innovative urban spirit that doesn’t take itself too seriously.; The mash bill comprises 55% malted rye and 45% malted barley creating a whisky that is spicy without being overpowering but that also has a malty easy-drinking character. It was slowly fermented (so that bold and complex flavours have time to build) using the futuristic sounding M-1 yeast and super-trendy saison yeasts. The former is a big favourite among Scotch makers while the latter are what give Belgian farmhouse ales their citrus banana and pepper flavours. It was then distilled through hand-built Arnold Holstein copper stills the Lamborghini of stills and matured in regenerated oak (old French barrels that have been planed smoothed and re-toasted) Hungarian oak American oak and barrels that had previously held London Brandy. The combination of beer and Scotch yeasts that protracted fermentation and all those different kinds of wood creates a bold complex and yet highly quaffable whisky. Its cracked black peppercorn cocoa lemon zest salted caramel liquorice and treacle flavour profile and youthful vibrancy are screaming out to be sipped as a boilermaker or mixed into a highball. The East London Liquor Company brought spirits back to the heart of the East End for the first time in a century. Based in a former glue factory near Victoria Park they never stop innovating which is why this new bottle has shaved 60% off the carbon footprint of its predecessor and is 48% lighter. Crafting decent booze for decent people at decent prices ELLC feels like the future. Product Details Country: England Alcohol by volume (ABV): 47% Volume: 700ml

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