Dry Karp Riesling White Wine



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Family owned since 1664, the Karp-Schreiber estate lies in the heart of the Mosel. This important region starts southwest of the city of Trier and follows the river its named after through the Rhineland to Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine. Dramatic, slate-covered slopes are the key to the region’s wine quality. Estate manager Alwin Karp and winemaker son Jobst Julius have 6 hectares of Riesling, cultivated on these steep slopes, including a patch of Grand Cru Juffer Sonnenuhr vines. As the vineyards are far too precarious for machinery, work is done by hand. Dry Karp is a Mosel classic – zesty, floral with mineral freshness. The wine may contain tartrates (wine diamonds). Natural and a good sign, let them settle to the bottom.

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