Domaine La Sobilane White Wine



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Search for Domaine La Sobilane and you’ll see it has an amazing reputation for the famous, fortified sweet wine of this Mediterranean area, Rivesaltes. Some wines going back 80 years. They are knockout, but so is the estate’s gorgeous, opulent dry white. Rivesaltes hasn’t been a terribly fashionable tipple for the last 30+ years, so the enterprising family, situated close to the Med and just east of Perpignan, explored other avenues. They planted native varieties which they believed would excel and make a dry white. This exotic blend of Grenache Gris and Vermentino proves them right – ripe peach and apricot from the former, with the bright lemony zip from the latter, with notes of grilled almonds and blossom. Ideal choice with chicken.

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