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Copper Dog originates from the ingenious method by which distillery workers used to filch a dram or three of whisky to take home. They would solder a penny to one end of a small copper tube and fit a cork in the other, smuggling their bounty out in their clothing. As the name suggests, Copper Dog Scotch was built on mischief, that is accessible, drinkable and mixable. Copper Dog, a newly launched blend of Speyside single malt whisky is created in the heart of Speyside, an area responsible for 70% of all scotch. Copper Dog blends eight Speyside single malts, with great skill for 6 months to create an authentic scotch full of flavour and life. Originating from The Craigellachie Hotel in Speyside, a hotel steeped in local heritage, dating back to 1893. The Hotel’s pub Copper Dog, welcomes local distillery workers and highland explorers to enjoy the whisky that captures the magic of Speyside.

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