Château Carbonneau Margot Organic White Wine



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Château Carbonneau is named after the region’s reputation for making wood charcoal from local oak forests a few centuries back. The property lies on the eastern edge of the Gironde, in Sainte-Foy, and was built in 1890 by Jean-Jacques Bachan and his wife, Blanche. Jean-Jacques was an ardent gardener and you’ll still find some of the trees he planted – a giant Sequoia, an orange tree and a magnolia. With no descendants, the estate was sold after WW1 and gained new owners again in 1937. They were the Franc de Ferrière family who had spent years in New Zealand. Hence their interest in producing a terrific, all-Sauvignon white. Today, the grandson, Wilfred runs the estate. An elegant, crisp white to serve as an apéritif; great with seafood too.

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