Cask Explorers Japanese Whisky Tasting Pack 3 x 30ml



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Tasting Notes Explore the richness of Japanese whisky with this magnificent tasting pack, containing three well-known, rich malt expressions.;; Discover the mild, smooth palate of The Chita Whisky with crème brûlée, honey, rose and spiced oak notes. Relish in the rare blend of single malts from The Toki Whisky with elegant thyme, juniper and mint notes alongside vivid flavours of heather burning, buttered crumpets, apples, charred orange, custard creams, honeyed granola and roasted spices. Finally, sample the fresh herbal and gently smoky notes of the Hakushu Whisky and savour its light and zesty palate with grassy overtones.;; This collection gives you a glorious glimpse into the world of Japanese whisky and there’s a QR code on each box leading you to tasting notes for a unique at-home whisky tasting experience.; Product Details Country: Japan Alcohol by volume (ABV): 43% Volume: 90ml

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