Borgo Thaulero Pecorino White Wine



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Pecorino is a little known white grape of Abruzzo, a region on Italy’s eastern, Adriatic coast. Why this variety isn’t better known is a mystery, when it has such lovely ripe apricot fruit and character. This is a delightful white from Rino Santeusanio, who gained New World experience in South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina, before returning home to the Abruzzo. He picked out premium grapes and cool fermented them at the cellar to bring out all the juicy, fresh flavour of this variety. The name Pecorino comes from the Italian word Pecore, for sheep. These animals love to guzzle on the ripe Pecorino grapes, if you let them! Chill this wine down and enjoy alongside roast chicken, creamy soups, grilled fish or vegetable risotto.

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